Classic Christian Artists

For over 30 years the world of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) has been blessed with so many gifted artists and because we at the Christian Artists Group (CAG) love them all and want to honor those with a proven legacy, we are providing this page where you can find some of the most loved classic Christian artists who are still out there today.

If you’d like to get information about booking a concert or event with one of these amazing artist then feel free to go to the Contact Page of the artist website or you can simply click on the Submit Offer button below and we will forward your offers and idea to the artist agent for review as we do not exclusively represent many of these artists.

We are blessed that you have loved and follow many of these artists over the years and we hope you will continue to make them a part of your life by encouraging the leaders in your church to bring them in for concerts as well as soliciting your local radio station to play their music from time to time.


Classic Contemporary Christian Music Artists